Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Camping Trip

This past weekend we went camping up to Bryce's uncles land. It is up in Idaho, hidden back in the trees. It was so much fun. We went camping with Brandon, Jaydale, their kids, Carrie, and Brad and Olivia. Because of all of the fires we have had in Utah this year, we were not able to have fire.

We have been working on our own little campground on this five acre piece of land. It is nice because it is in the trees with alot of shade. We dug a fire pit and put rocks around it. We also chopped alot of dead logs to make a big pile of wood for the next time we can build a fire. We cleaned out areas for tents and areas for campers.

Cooper had a great time playing with his cousins. He spent alot of time hiking through the trees with Maverick and Porter. They also climbed trees and played in the sand and water. Thanks to Kylee and Kassie for helping me watch Cooper and keep an eye on him! They were big helpers.

For dinner, we made dutch oven BBQ chicken, cheesy potatoes, and peach cobbler. The other night we enjoyed cowboy beans and cottage cheese salad. It was fun to just spend time relaxing and visiting with each other. Plus, the weather was nice and cool.