Friday, January 24, 2014

Parker MariLee

On Friday, January 24, I was sitting at home reading a book, when I started to have a few minor contractions.  I decided to get up and start getting dinner ready.  As I walked around the house, I noticed my contractions seemed to get stronger.  I kept walking up and down the hall and the contractions continued.  I did this for almost 90 minutes.  Bryce got home from work, we fed the boys, and then called Jacqui to come pick them up.  We got up to the Labor and Delivery Unit at around 8:30 pm.  The nurse hooked be up to two monitors. One measured Parker’s heart rate and the other measured my contractions.  She also took a bunch of information and then checked my dilation.  I was a 4 ½ .  Every time you go into Labor and Delivery before your due date, they make you walk for an hour.  We were informed that 17 laps was equal to a mile.  Bryce and I set a goal to walk two miles.  Bryce kept saying, “This is your last chance workout.” (Biggest Loser)  We ended up walking 30 laps when our time was up.  I was so sore from walking so much that day that I could barely walk anymore.

We went back to our room; the nurse checked me and said that I might have changed a little bit.  Dr. Bierer told her to keep me for another hour and see if I changed. After that second hour, I started having more contractions and they were getting stronger.  They decided to admit me to the hospital. It was GO TIME!

12:15 a.m. – They got me all hooked up on the monitors and had me sign a bunch of release forms.

12:45 a.m. – Dr. Silver came in and gave me an epidural.  I loved being curled into a fetal position, but the shots weren’t too bad.  The doctor was amazing.  He talked to me the whole time and was gentle, kind, and caring. 

1:15 a.m. – Carli (our nurse) started the Pitocin: Bryce fell asleep on the couch and I tried to rest in my bed.  I had to keep talking myself out of having a panic attack. I felt like I couldn’t breathe and the epidural was making me feel a little weird.

1:30 a.m.- An intern doctor came in and broke my water.  He said that Parker came right down as soon as he broke the water.  He checked me and told Carli I was dilated to a 6.

2:20 a.m.  I noticed that everytime I had a contraction, Parkers heart rate would drop on the monitors.  Carli came in and checked me.  I was dilated to a 8.  She told me she would check me again in an hour unless Parker’s heart rate continued to drop with the contractions.

2:40 a.m. – Carli comes into check me and I am at a 10.  She starts prepping the room and has another nurse call Dr. Bierer.  At this point, I start shaking uncontrollably.  Carli tells Bryce that it’s because I dilated so quickly. 

2:52 a.m. – Dr. Bierer arrives and gets prepped for the delivery

2:58 a.m.- I start pushing with the first contraction.  I pushed for 10 seconds for four rounds.  Then I waited for the next contraction. The next contraction came and I pushed again for four sets at 10 seconds each.  They told me to stop. 

3:03 a.m.- Parker was actually facing head up, but she turned her head and then her shoulders and body followed right out and into the doctors hands.  He cleaned out her mouth and then set her on me. She was covered in the Vernex but she was so beautiful and healthy and alive!

She cried as they were checking her out and cleaning her up.  Bryce got to cut her cord and then they measured her at 7lbs 4 oz and 19 ½ inches long.  

She was hungry and ready to eat.  I decided previously that I was going to bottle feed, so they brought in a small bottle and she began to drink.  They told us that a new infants stomach is only the size of a marble, so she was only allowed to have 5 ml for the first feeding.  She was not ok with this amount of milk.  After we got her wrapped up and warm, she settled down.

4:00 a.m.- They moved us to our permanent room.  The nurses came in and gave Parker her first bath and cleaned all the Vernex off her body and head.  She enjoyed the warm water and lights. After she was cleaned up, we noticed she had quite a bit of hair and that it was blonde.

5:30 a.m.- Bryce went home to get some sleep and I tried to sleep for a few minutes between the frequent visits from the nurses.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 2014

A blessing Bryce gave me at 3:45 a.m. at Jocelynn’s house in Paradise

I am having a difficult time staying asleep at night.  I am very uncomfortable because of the aching in my hips and legs.  I have been tossing and turning and up a lot during the night.  I asked Bryce if he would give me a blessing:

Heavenly Father is aware of you at this time. He knows the things that you are going through.  He is happy with the way you are raising the boys.  Heavenly Father wants you to know that you are carrying a special Spirit of His.  I admonish you to get to know her and to strive to have a special bond with her.  This will help you down the road.  Heavenly Father is aware that the adversary is working hard at this time.  Make sure you do those things that you know to do to keep your children safe.  I bless you with peace to be able to do these things.  The Spirit will help guide you.  I bless your mind and body to relax so that you can get the rest you need to bring this little one into the world.  The Savior healed the blind and raised the dead.  He did many miracles and He can help you at this time.  Again, Heavenly Father is keenly aware of you.

On January 15th, I went in for my next check.  The doctor said that Parker was about 6 ½ lbs. When he checked me, I was dilated to a 3 and 80% effaced.  When he got down, he told me that I would bleed bc of the check.  Well, it ended up that I was bleeding quite a bit.  In fact, it soaked through the first liner before I could even get my jeans on.  Anyway, after being innovative with some nearby paper towels, I went out and asked the doctor if I should be bleeding that much.  He told me that if it didn’t stop in 1-2 hours, that I should head to the hospital to have the baby.  I was worried at first because it wasn’t stopping and I felt like I wasn’t ready for her to come.  I packed my bag and then the bleeding stopped.  Since then, I have been having lots of contractions but nothing consistent.  If I stand up to walk, my stomach gets tight.  Parker seems to be down and ready, so I am just waiting for that moment when its time to head to the hospital.