Monday, February 13, 2012

Treehouse Museum

For Christmas, our family received a membership to the Treehouse Museum, from our good friends, The Boohers. In January, Addey came and stayed with us for a week while Steph and Paul were in St. George. We had such a great time with Addey. Clayton got to play with her every morning when Cooper would leave for school.
One afternoon, when Cooper got home from school, we headed to Ogden to go to the Tree house museum. It is a brand new location and the kids had a fun time. Clayton loved the "Thomas the Train" room. He also enjoyed the farm animals and barns.
Cooper and Addey had a good time dressing up like cowboys and riding the broncos and bulls. They also participated in making a craft and a Valentines Card. Another one of the centers the kids enjoyed was the the "Health Room". Here the kids could look at x-rays and also play with babies. Clayton thought this was awesome. He really loves babies right now!As we were getting ready to leave, they announced that the theater was going to put on a play. Cooper and Addey were so excited to participate in the "production". The did a play about the Chinese New Year. Cooper was a snake and Addey was a beggar.

We wrapped up the day with a cold Icee from 7-11. It was a fun museum with many activities. I will definitely be taking the boys back for more fun this year!