Monday, September 14, 2015

Clayton's 6th Birthday

We were living with Roger and Marilyn when Clayton turned SIX years old.  Grandpa and Grandma bought him a new flashlight and pocket knife. He got to wear a crown at school.
This year Clayton decided to celebrate his birthday at the Merrill pool.  He invited the Gabrish family and all of his cousins that live nearby.  We swam for a few hours and then finished off the night with Pizza and cake and ice cream.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Manti ATV Ride 2015

This year for our couples ATV trip, we decided to stay in Manti.  The trails were so much fun and they were so full of color.  We always go in mid September when the leaves have changed and the colors are vibrant.  There were so many Aspens and the golden leaves were amazing. One of the things that I love to watch or see when I ride, is the golden trails that are dusted with beautiful leaves.  It just makes everything almost glitter and glow.

As we rode up on top, it got a little windy and cold.  We stopped to eat lunch up on top as we watched the loggers move trees around and fed a tiny squirrel that kept coming down from the trees. After lunch, I laid on the warm table for a few minutes so that I could soak up the sun and defrost a little bit.

The area that we rode in had many small lakes and streams and ponds.  It was such a beautiful location, because it had a mixture of pine trees and maples and Aspens.  I have found that my favorite trails are ones that are true ATV trails, not Jeep trails.  I love staying on a small train as it climbs the terrain and winds through the trees and mountains.

We would come upon areas that would have huge forests of glowing Aspen trees.  We always have to pull over and take pictures because they are so breathtaking. Research shows that a mountain range may have thousand and thousands of Aspen trees and groves, but they are all one large living organism.

I just had to get a picture of the beautiful Manti temple that sits up on the hill.  It resembles the Logan temple and it is so gorgeous.  Bryce and I are so blessed to be able to get out in the nature and see so many beautiful creations.  Four wheeling has given us an opportunity to see many sights and to spend time together doing something we love!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Attempted Camping in Smithfield Canyon 2015

We decided it would be fun to go up Smithfield Canyon and the let the boys camp overnight in a tent with Dad.  We got up there and got the tent set up.  We started a fire and roasted hot dogs and had some chips and fruit.  Then we busted out the ingredients for S'mores.  As we started cooking the s'mores, the storm clouds started to roll into the canyon.  After enduring the wind and rain and lightning and thunder. we decided we better head back home for the night.  It was a fun night even though they didn't sleep in a tent.

Turkeys Hunting for Turkeys

This year Cooper was able to go hunting with Bryce a couple of times.  One time he went and sat in the blind up at Grandpa Cooper's ranch while Dad searched for turkeys.  On another occasion, they went Elk hunting together.  I don't know if they even saw any elk this day, but it was a good opportunity for them to spend some quality time together.  Cooper doesn't love hiking but he seemed to keep up with Dad most of the time.