Friday, February 28, 2014

Brian Regan

 Six months ago, tickets came available for Brain Regan. He is a comedian that is very popular, especially in Utah.  His shows contain clean content and he is still really enjoyable to watch.  Bryce loves to watch comedy and I knew he would love to see this show.  Kristyn Marker called us up and asked if we all wanted to go.  I was worried about what we would do with the new baby, but I decided I would purchase the tickets and figure it out when the time came.
For our 13th Anniversary, I surprised Bryce with the tickets.  Parker ended up coming three weeks early, so that made it a little better when I had to leave her for the show.  We had Holly Casebolt watch the kids that night so we could go down to Salt Lake and enjoy the evening with each other and our friends.  We were accompanied by the Richters, the Wrights, the Moyes, and the Markers.  We ate dinner at Dickey's BBQ and then headed down to the show.  Everyone really enjoyed the comedy.  I even smiled a few times!

Fire Department with Dad

 Clayton had a field trip to the Roy Fire Department with his preschool class.  It worked out perfectly so Dad could take Clayton to the field trip.  As you can see in the one picture, Clayton is still shy around people and so he stands away from everyone for the pictures!
 After they explored the Fire Station, we took him to Carls Jr. to play and have lunch.  This was a nice break for me to get out of the house and enjoy time with Bryce and Clayton. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

3-5 Weeks Old

 These are some of my favorite pictures of Parker when she was 3-5 weeks old.  I love that she holds onto my hand while I am feeding her.  The bottle is almost as big as her face.  She loves to hold on to my fingers also. Parker was eating anywhere from 3 ounces of formula every 3-4 hours.
 I don't have many pictures of Parker and myself.  Here is my sleeping beauty.  I love to hold her while she sleeps.  It makes me so happy to just watch her facial expressions and to see how peaceful and happy she is!
 Parker has cute little facial features.  She definitely has the Hatch nose.  She gets her lips from both Bryce and myself.  She has beautiful lips and I love that she has a dimple in her chin.  Bryce and I have small dimples, but Cooper, Sherrie, and Papa Douglas have bigger dimples and they are great!
 Aunt Steph brought this cute newborn outfit to the hospital when she came to see Parker.  She looks so pretty in purple. Plus, it is my favorite color!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Special Visit from Family

We were so blessed to have Grandma and Grandpa Hatch, Sherrie, and Kinlee come visit us two weeks after Parker was born.  Kylee and Matt got married on February 7th, so I was able to leave the kids with Grandma and Grandpa Douglas, while we attended the wedding ceremony in the Logan Temple. 
Matt and Kylee looked so happy and it was nice to be able to visit the temple and feel the warmth and peace that resides there. It was also nice to be there with Bryce and many of my family members.  After the wedding, they had a lunch at the Marriott and then a reception later that evening.
 While we were in Cache Valley, we stopped by Grandma and Grandpa Cooper's for a few hours.  They loved having the kids there and especially Mom.  I love this picture of all of them adoring Parker. Parker was only 2 weeks old.
 After the crazy weekend, Mom and Sherrie came back to spend a couple of days with us at our home.  Clayton and Cooper enjoyed playing with Kinlee and getting to know her better.  It was fun to have them here.  We always love it when they visit. Sherrie helped Clayton create his Valentines Box for school. 

Grandpa Hatch had to get back to Texas, so he wasn't able to stay very long.  He enjoyed holding Parker for a few minutes and then he was off to the airport. He really wanted a picture of his "miracle babies" (IVF), so we put them all in Parker's crib and snapped this picture!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Two Weeks Old

Two weeks after I had Parker, I had Jill Douglas highlight and cut my hair while my mom watched Parker at Grandma Cooper's house.  It was so nice to have a little pampering done.  I love that Parker loves to cuddle up on my chest or shoulder.  She loves skin to skin contact.  She really relaxes when I rub her face or put my face against her face.
This is probably one of my most favorite pictures of Parker.  I love the look on her face, her petite little hands, and her precious little body wrapped up in the soft, cuddly blanket! She looks like an angel!
I layed her down one night on the floor and the boys started talking to her. I couldn't believe how she tracked their voices and would look right at them.  She kept looking back and forth between Cooper and Clayton.  She was very alert and aware.  I think Little Miss Parker was being completely loved and adored on by the three most important men in her life!
Grandma Douglas and her cute little hat she crocheted for Parker.  Grandma made Parker 5 blankets and she loves all of them!
Two weeks old and look at the concentration on her face.  She just loves her mom and dad. I love that her eyes tell it all.  They are so expressive and I love how she really connects when she looks at you.  She wants that eye contact. She really loved to look up into our faces and this young of age!

One Week Old

 These are some of my favorite pictures of Parker when she was one week old.  Grandpa thought she was so cute and adorable.  He didn't feel comfortable holding her but at least she got a kiss from him!
 I love this little blue shirt on her. She is so cute when she sleeps. Everyone kept saying how she had such good coloring. It's crazy to think she fit into this little newborn shirt and it was still too big on her.
 Jocelynn and Tawni came down when Parker was five days old to take some pictures.  She looked so cute in her little pink prom outfit. We made sure to heat up her room so she would stay nice and warm for the pictures.  She was perfect this day and cooperated for all the pictures.
 The boys enjoyed posing for this picture.  They thought it was neat to hold these guns.  They have been such amazing brothers to their little sister.  They help me feed her, entertain her, and they enjoy talking to her.
 I love this picture of Parker.  The coloring is so perfect and she is such a precious doll wrapped up in this pink blanket.  Bryce picked out this cute little butterfly outfit when she was just a couple of days old.
 Here is a close up that Jocelynn took of her.  In this picture, her eyes look dark, but they are actually very blue.  I love her bright eyes.  She has been so alert from the start!
 Less than a week old and Clayton is begging for her to watch a movie with him.  We wrapped her up nice and warm and let her sit there with him while he watched a show.  I told him to make sure the blankets are never covering her mouth or nose.  He kept checking to make sure she was fine during the movie.
I love this picture of her cute little face and hands.  She mostly just slept all the time during that first week of her life.  Bryce and I held her so much, that she preferred us over her crib!
 Parker loves taking baths.  She would be so content when I bathed her each day.  I love that she fit into our kitchen sink.  When she wouldn't settle down some nights, I would just put her in the sink and it would help soothe her.
I love this picture of Jacqui holding Parker.  She was so little and would fall asleep anywhere.  Parker loves to hold her hands together.