Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Boys

So far it has been a wonderful new year! I am so grateful for my husband and kids and I look forward to spending lots of quality time with them this year! I was looking through my mobile pictures and decided I wanted to post many of them.

Clayton absolutely loves his blankets. He is always carrying them around the house. He likes to wrap them around his shoulders, so that its up by his face. Every time we leave the house, he brings his blanket with him. Sometimes Bryce and I have made the mistake of forgetting to bring it when we go out of town....and that does not fair well for any of us.
One day I was visiting with my mom and some friends and noticed it was one hour past his normal nap time. I hadn't seen him in a while, so I went to his room and found him laying on a pile of his blankets that he had pulled down from the closet. He was fast asleep and so cute!Another day, we were in Smithfield watching one of Addey's basketball games. Clayton was tired and uninterested in the game, so I decided to take him outside for a few minutes. He put his blanket on the concrete and layed down on it! To help celebrate the new year and give the kids something to do, I took them to the movie, "The Adventures of Finn". It happened to be a 3D movie, so the kids brought home the glasses. We were driving in the car when I turned around and saw my cute boys wearing their glasses!
This past week it was time to get the boys in for their check up at the dentist. Cooper has always had a hard time at the dentist. He gets very anxious and in all the past visits, they have had to hold him down while they clean his teeth. So, I was nervous to take him and Clayton in this time. I told Cooper that he needed to be a good example for Clayton....and that's exactly what he did. They both sat well in the x-ray chair and let the nurse take all the x-rays and then they both did a great job while they got their teeth cleaned. It was so wonderful!Clayton had a pin needle cavity on the front of his tooth up near the gum line. I had to take him back two days later and get that fixed. He was such a good boy the first time, I told them he didn't need any anesthetic. I started to get worried the morning of the visit, but he was just fine.They put a little mask on him for laughing gas and he sat their and watched Cars 2. When the doctor came in, they didn't even have to give him the local shot. The doctor had it fixed in less than five minutes and we were done. I was so proud of him and he looked like such a big boy laying back in that chair!Cooper has become such a good reader. He reads alot for school and homework and so it seems to have come natural to him. Lately he has been reading to Cooper in the afternoons. They sit on the couch and Cooper reads to him. Its so much fun to watch them sit together. Clayton loves books and he loves his brother!Clayton has a couple of nieces who love to dress him up! Every time we go to Jacqui's house, Clatyon loves to play with Reese. She spends lots of time with him and she does fun little activities with him. She also loves to dress him up in her clothes, whether it be her shirts, swimsuits or dresses.He also goes to Steph's house and she has lots of "dress-up" clothes upstairs. A few months ago, he came down stairs with Addey and they were both dressed up. He looked like a cowgirl! Bryce just rolls his eyes every time he dresses up! Clayton loves to help me do most everything, especially baking, and cooking, and peeling. I let him help me crack eggs and scramble them. He loves to make cookies with me. Last weekend, we were at the Whettens house and Sis. Whetten let Clayton help her make cookies. She put a little Peruvian apron on him and he had a great time. Sis Whetten is like a second mom to me and so it was nice to see Clayton enjoy his time with her. And finally, Jacqui had her cute little boy, Cohen on January 2. He came into this world a little beat up from the vacuum, but he is such a handsome little guy. I have had to chance to spend lots of time with him the last two weeks, while Jacqui has been recovering, and he is such a precious baby! We are glad that he is finally here and they are both doing well!