Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cache County Fair

Mom bought Cooper an "all you can ride" pass to the fair for only $15. It was a good deal because the rides were $3 or $4 each. Cooper was able to ride many rides and there were no lines this day. Thanks grandma for taking time to spend the day with me and Cooper.
Last weekend, Mom, Cooper and I went to the Cache County Fair and Rodeo in Logan. I think it was probably one of the best times I have had with my mom while she has been up here. It was nice to just have that one-on-one time with her and Cooper. Although Cooper rode all the rides by himself, he still had a great time and I loved watching him have so much excitement in his eyes! Evertime he would go by me, he would yell, "hi mom" and wave at me. So cute!!!
This was a pretty cool slide. And I realized how big Cooper is getting when he would grab this little blanket and carry it all the way up the stairs. (there were alot of stairs) He went on this ride more than the other ones. He would climb the stairs, put his blanket down, sit on it and down the slide he came. The other kids would wait for the worker to help them.
Cooper also got to ride a Chetlin Pony. It was the perfect size for him. We also went over to see all the livestock. Cooper got to pet the goats, sheep, bunnies, pigs, and pygmey goats. He was just as excited to see the animals as he was to go on the rides.
We also ate lunch at one of the burger venues there. They were good and Cooper ate a hand-dipped corn dog. It was neat to look at all the different venues. We ended the day with some cotton candy, for Cooper, and a funnel cake for me and mom.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

On Monday Night, we taught Cooper about Samuel the Lamanite. He taught the people that they needed to repent. He stood on the city wall and the people threw rocks and arrows at him, but the Lord protected him from those rocks and arrows. Anyway, it was Cooper's turn to say the closing prayer on our Family Home Evening. Here is his sweet prayer:
Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you that I can listen to my mom and dad. Thank yhou that when Clayton comes out and he comes home, when he cries, I can make him happy. Thank you that when people try to throw rocks at me, you will protect me. Thank you that everyone in the world can behave.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Down on Grandpa's Farm

On Sunday, we had a family dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Coopers house. After everyone left, we went down to the barn with Grandpa to help bottle feed two baby calves.
Cooper thought it was pretty neat, but hard work. Those calves suck hard, so Cooper had to be strong to hold the bottle still. It was great to see Grandpa and Cooper spend that time together.
When I was young, and we would come to Utah every summer, I love to come down the barn to feed the calves with grandpa. In fact, I used to go on the tractor to bail hay and "try" to pick up the bails and move the pipe. I loved spending time on the farm....I would wear my boots, gloves and hat.

Hey, look at that! I found a beautiful picture of myself at Grandpa's house. I was all ready to get to work and help my grandpa! Wow, how things have changed in the past 20 years.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bryce's 30th Birthday

To celebrate Bryce's Birthday, we went boating up to Glendale with the family. Bryce was the first one to try out the wakeboard. He did a great job and cleared the wake on his first jump. He was sore the next day, but had a great time.
He also spent alot of time with the kids out on the floating tube. It was so fun to watch them all have a good time together. Cooper loves spending time with Bryce and he just adores his dad!
Ty, Tawni, Cooper, and Shaylee- what cute cousins!

Dad spent his time on the beach carving sticks and peices of wood that the kids brought to him. The kids probably spent two hours looking for wood and having grandpa carve them with his knife. I think it was the high light of their day....they didn't care about the boat ride or water, they just wanted cool daggers or knifes that grandpa made for them.
I spent most of my time under the canopy trying to stay out of the sun. I have noticed that I get burned alot easier right now. I did, however, decide I would try to go swimming with Bryce and Cooper for a second. It was easy to slip into the water from the boat, but trying to get back onto the boat was a different story....I decided I would not try that again!
When we got back home, we went out to dinner at Burrito Grande. It was nice to just spend time with each other. Happy Birthday, Bryce. I hope you had a great 30th. I am lucky to have you for my husband, friend, and father of my adorable boys. Thanks for being so good to us. We love you.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Camping Time

We went camping over the 24th for the holiday( Pioneer Day here in Utah). The weather was nice and it was fun to bring mom, dad, Tyler, and Cody along with us. It is so pretty up at the campground and we knew that mom and dad would enjoy camping.
As always, the food was great. The first night we grilled chicken, had dutch oven potatoes, and cherry cobbler. Bryce did most of the cooking, which was very nice of him. After dinner, dad told the kids the story of Brer Rabbit.

On Saturday we went to Bear Lake to swim and have fun on the beach. The weather was a little chilly but everyone still had a great time. Even the dogs loved the water and sand. After we played in the water, we went into Garden City for burgers, fries, and the famous Raspberry Shakes. It was so much fun to spend time with the family and I am so glad that they decided to come with us!