Friday, August 15, 2008

Just the Two of Us!

1. Who is your man? Bryce Daniel Douglas

2. How long have you been together? We were married in December 2000, so 7.5 years.

3. How long have you dated? We actually "dated" for 5 months, though we knew each other for 2.5 years before we were married.

4. How old is your man? 29 years old, 7 months younger than me.

5. Who eats more? It depends on what it is. Sad to say, but it is probably me. Bryce doesn't eat breakfast and is lucky if he takes the time to eat lunch.

6. Who said "I love you" first? Bryce told me first when I was down at UVSC. It was right before he was going on his mission. I was sitting in the bathtub at my apartment talking to him on the telephone.

7. Who is taller? Bryce by far....he is 6'2 and I am 5'4.

8. Who sings better? I do....however, Bryce loves to sing nonstop.

9. Who is smarter? I would say that we are equally smart...just depends on the subject...however, if you ask Bryce a question, he will usually answer it whether he knows the answer or on the other hand, will not answer unless I am pretty sure.

10. Whose temper is worse? That would be me. I try not to lose my temper very often and if I do, I try to stay quiet and let it pass

11. Who does the laundry? That would be me...

12. Who does the dishes? That would be me also...Bryce will help every once in a while. Dishes never end and they are not my favorite thing in the world.

13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
ME!! I also have a sleeping ritual....I put my ear plug in....start on my back until very tired...turn to my left side and make sure my blanket is between my knees and feet. Crazy, but it works!

14. Who pays the bills? I pay the bills with the money that Bryce works so hard to make...

15. Who has bigger feet? That would be Bryce...size 13 baby!! Bryce always says that it is hard to find decent looking shoes in that size. He thinks most of them look goofy.

16. Who has longer hair? I do...we wouln't be together if it was the opposite...I do not like long hair. It is a total turnoff to me.

17. Who is better on the computer? I am better on the computer but last year Bryce graduated from chicken pecking the keys to actually typing normally. I have to admit that I have taken typing classes and was a secretary for 7 years so I have had more experience.

18. Who mows the lawn? Of course me! I mowed lawns all my growing up years. That is what I did to make money. I am OC when it comes to lawns. I love to look at them while I am driving. I love to admire my yard when I am done mowing it. It's awesome!

19. Who cooks dinner? I do. Bryce works hard all day, so I try to cook some decent meals for him. For the most part, I actually enjoy cooking.

20. Who drives when you are together? Bryce does.

21. Who pays when you go out? Its a toss up. We both take turns. Doesn't really matter. It all comes from the same place.

22. Who is the most stubborn? I will take the gold medal for that. I have alot of my dad in me, therefore, I think my way is best. ...a little secret...(most of the time it is)

23. Who is first to admit when they are wrong? I think that would be me...If I am wrong, I will tell you right away. I won't make excuses for my mistakes. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong.

24. Whose parents do you see the most? Bryce's parents live in Smithfield and we try to see them at least two or three times a month. My parents live in Texas, so we see them twice a year, but at days at a time. It is nice to be able to see both parents quite often. We have great parents who we love dearly.

25. Who kissed who first? We can't agree on this one. We were at Jocelynn's house (my sister) and we were watching country music videos. I kind of turned towards Bryce to help him out and he leaned down and kissed me. It was nice. He thinks I kissed him!

26. Who asked who out? My sister, Steph, set us up on a blind date. We went out with steph, paul, jocie, kyle and some other friends. We played wally ball and ate dinner at Kate's Kitchen. Then we went out to Jocie's for a movie. Bryce left Jocie's house at 4 am and I was flying back to Texas the next morning.

27. Who proposed to who? Bryce proposed to me after he returned from his mission in 2000. He drove me out to Casper, Wyoming. We got in a huge snow storm and it took us 24 hours to get there. We ended up sleeping on the floor at a church while the storm passed. When we got to Casper, we walked up a hill and he asked me to marry him. It was a very bright day and I remember how my ring sparkled.

28. Who is more sensitive? Bryce is very sensitive, which I like. He does not like to be teased. He has a tender heart and he is not afraid to cry every now and then. I have become extrememly emotional as I get older. I can be sensitive depending on the situation.

29. Who has more friends? We both have alot of friends and are very outgoing people.

30. Qualities you adore in your man? Hardworking, patient, kind, good father, treats me well!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Bryce had a work party at Lagoon yesterday. Lagoon is a big theme park that has roller coasters and water slides. Cooper had so much fun riding on the roller coasters and kiddie rides. The lines were not very long, so the kids didn't have to be bothered with standing forever.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pioneer Children Sang As They Walked!

Bryce and I had a great opportunity to go on a pioneer trek this past weekend with our church youth group. We take the kids on a trek so that they can feel what the pioneers felt like for just a few days. I was quite anxious about this trek because I have never been on one before. I was worried about blistered feet, hot days, cold nights, being extremely dirty, snakes, lightning storms, and having to wear pioneer clothes!

Our Family: We were asked to be a Ma and Pa for our family of nine: We had 5 guys; Curtis, Luek, Mark, Trenton, and Bart. We also had 4 young women; Keirsten, Shelby, Melissa, and Sarah. We were in the Zito Company(our bishop was our captain) We had a great family and we loved our kids.

Day 1
We left Henefer, Utah at 11am and started on the trail. We soon came to an uphill climb that nearly wiped us out. It took all of us to push and pull that handcart up the hill. I thought I was going to pass out...probably because I am in such great shape...right! We walked 8 miles the first day. We came into our camp to start setting up our tents, when a mob of horseman came down the hill telling us to get off their property(this was a re-enactment) They had a mormon extermination letter in their hands and they were yelling and shooting their guns to get us to leave. So, we loaded up our stuff and walked further. We set up camp a half mile away and the first night, our boys decided they would sing country songs all night until someone came and "De-Tented" them. They preceded to get out of their small tent and try to put it back up. They kept stepping on the thistles and yelling and I was sitting in my tent laughing so hard at them. I then said, "Sons, is everything OK?" They replied, "Maaa, someone detented us." It was pretty funny.

Day 2

We started our trek on the original Donner Party/Mormon Trail. The last time someone took handcarts on this path was in the 1850's. So, needless to say, it was overgrown and crazy to get through. It was a single walking path that we pushed the carts through. The men in our family were very strong and they pushed the cart most of the time, because they did not want the women to have to push. We walked for 3.5 miles and then stopped for lunch. A
fter lunch, a guy came up to our company and said, "I am General Christensen. All men, pick up your stuff and come stand in single file order. We are gathering the 'Mormon Batallion"(another re-enactment). The men left and the girls had to pull for the next 2 miles all by themselves. It was very hard and there were times I thought are cart was going to fall in a ravine. The men had a hard time (emotionally) knowing that we were down the hill pulling and pushing these carts. They wanted to be there to help us but they were not allowed to. When the original pioneers came over to Salt Lake, many had lost their husbands to the war, cold, sicknesses, and fatigue. Many women were left alone to take on the task of getting their families to Utah. The re-enactment that we did was a neat experience and really touched alot of us, even to tears.

After the women's pull, they told us a few more stories of the pioneers and then we finished the pull up the mountain. When we got to the top, we were overlooking Salt Lake Valley and it was beautiful. We then walked four miles down the hill to our campground. We set up our tents, ate dinner, and had a great devotional where the youth got to express their feelings about the trek. Many of them will never forget this experience. It was a wonderful opportunity to get to know these kids and to help them feel what it was like to be a pioneer. The most important thing was that we helped them feel the Spirit as we worked together as families and went through tough obstacles together.
That night, we had a bad lightning and rain storm come through our camp. It rained and rained and the next morning all of our stuff was wet and muddy.
Day 3
We hiked four miles to our buses and they took us to a park in Salt Lake called "This Is The Place" Park. We took pictures, looked around, ate lunch and came home. It was such a great opportunity for us. We grew to really love our kids. We are very thankful that we were asked to be Ma's and Pa's for this trek. Hopefully, we will be able to do it again in four years.