Monday, April 27, 2009

We had the wonderful opportunity to go to the Logan Temple on Thursday, so see our friends, Ruth and Vic, get sealed to each other and to their children. What a neat experience it was to see all of them in white as they kneeled there together and became an eternal family!

A "Reel" Fun Time

We took Cooper to a "drive-in"movie a few weeks ago with our friends, Vic and Ruth, and Jacqui and Jared. It's the first time we have gone since we were married. We just parked the cars, sat in our lawn chairs, wrapped up in warm blankets and ate some candy and popcorn. Cooper had a blast and we will definately have to do that again sometime. We watched Monsters vs. Aliens.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gone Fishin

Cooper got a Spiderman fishing pole for his birthday, so I decided to take him fishing last weekend. We also took Reese, Jaxson, and Landon along for the adventurous trip. We got to the little pond, got all set up with weight, bobbers, hooks and bait. I helped the kids with casting for a while. There were alot of people there at the pond and I never saw one person catch a fish. So, needless to say, the kids were bored very quickly.
Reese decided that she was going to sit down and keep practicing on her casting skills. She was doing very well, until she casted the hook into her finger....she preceded to run around and scream and dance and the more she danced the more the hook went deeper into her skin. We kept yelling at her to stop moving, but that didn't work. It wasn't very deep when I pulled it out. Jacqui told her, "If you would have stopped jumping around like a moron, it wouldn't have gone in deeper." It was so funny. Landon had a great time watching everyone until he took a nose dive off the little chair into the pile of small rocks. The poor guy was all scraped up and was crying so hard. I decided it was time to go since everyone at the lake was looking at us because our kids were being so loud! Next time, I think we will wait till the pond is stocked with fish!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The True Meaning of Easter

When we got up on Sunday morning, we talked to Cooper about what Easter really is all about. We talked about the Resurrection through out the week trying to teach Cooper about Jesus. We just feel like he needs to know that Easter is not about the eggs, baskets, and candy. Well, we went to church on Sunday and when we got into Primary (ages 4-8) , they asked what the true meaning of Easter was. Cooper raised his hand and said, "First, it means that Jesus died and then he came back to life." I didn't even help him. I was so proud of him for remembering what we had been trying to teach him. He ended up saying the opening prayer and did a great job. He is such a good boy and I hope the Bryce and I can continue to teach him more about his Savior, Jesus Christ and that he will have a desire to learn about him.

After church, we took some pictures and then ate lunch over at the Smiths' home (Kyle's family). It was alot of fun and Kyle's family are great people. There was lots of good food and they held a big easter egg hunt after lunch. They always put money in their eggs, so Cooper ended up with about $3. He was so excited.
We ended up at Grandma and Grandpa Coopers house later that night. It was fun to see all the counsins there. I got to take Cooper down to the barn to feed the cows, while Bryce helped Jamie get the blades off her mower. Everyone seemed to be doing well. We are so blessed to be able to go to our grandparents to meet as a family to eat and visit with each other. We have the best family in the world.

Easter Weekend

We celebrated Cooper's 4th Birthday on Saturday! We went to the Fun Park and let the kids play on the soft play. We at pizza , cupcakes, and opened presents. The kids had a great time and it was fun to watch them play with each other. Cooper received some great gifts and we want to thank Ty, Reese, and Jaxson for coming. Jaden and Addey were out of town, but Cooper got a neat bubble set from them.Cooper, we are so lucky and blessed to have you as our son. You have made the past four years the best years of our lives. We have been blessed with your great smile, your fun personality and your loving attitude towards us. You are growing up too quickly and sometimes we wish you were a baby all over again. Thanks for making us the proudest parents. We are so proud of you and the person that you are becoming. Thank you for being such a good example to your mom and dad. We love you!

Part 2

Lee's Marketplace put on a easter egg hunt for the kids in the community. Cooper had fun seeing the Easter bunny and going around the store with dad while mom shopped for food.

On Saturday afternoon, we had a Douglas family Easter egg hunt. The kids had a great time looking for the eggs. Each kid could pick up 10 eggs. When Cooper finished, he said, "Did I win?" He only opened two of his eggs. It's nice because he didn't eat much of the candy.
Next, the kids got to decorate nests. Uncle Bruce and Aunt Tara made little birds nests' out of shredded wheat. The kids got to fill their nest with eggs and a little peep to go on top. That was a fun activity. Thank you Bruce and Tara for organizing it. Marilyn made a great ham and dutch oven potato dinner that night for everyone. It was so good and we had a nice time with the family. We missed those who were not able to be there.

Later that evening, we had round two of Cooper's Birthday party. We got him a cake and he was able to blow out his four candles. It was fun to have most of his cousins around for that. Thank you all who made that a special day for Cooper.

It's a Boy!

Last week, Bryce, Cooper and I went to see my doctor. We were so excited to find out what we were having. I kept thinking that we were going to get there and the baby was going to be in a wrong position, but I was wrong. The baby was face down, so we could see his back bone very clearly. We were able to listen to the heart beat and finally the doctor said, "There is your answer!" I said, "We are having a boy, Cooper." He was very excited. The doctor also measured his thigh bone and he is measuring tall (he obviously has Bryce's genes). I have not put any of our ultrasound pictures up because they are not very good. But I did go buy some bedding and I helped Jacqui paint the baby's room. Thank you jacqui for all of your help. Bryce also put up the chair rails for me. The room looks great and I am very excited.

I am so thankful that we have been blessed with this little boy. Again, I was reminded of the miracle it is when I watched the ultrasound and saw this little guy moving around and growing! The whole process of actually conceiving a baby is such a miracle!