Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2nd Grade

Cooper was so excited to start back to school this year.  I am impartial to him going back to school.  I love having him at home during the summer, but I know he gets bored and turns to the TV, playstation, and computer, so I guess it is better that he is back getting some education and exercise!

This year, Cooper's teacher is Mrs. Dow.  She actually taught first grade last year, but moved to second grade this year.  I have only heard really good things about Mrs. Dow.  She seems to be nice, loves her job, and is patient with the kids.  Cooper seems to really like her so far.  He is loving the first two weeks of school!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The day before school started for Cooper, we went to Lagoon.  Alpine had its annual "Lagoon Day" for its employees and their families.  We arrived around noon and took Cooper and Addey on "The Bat".  This was Cooper's very first rollercoaster ride.  He was nervous to go at first, but ended up having a blast and wanted to go again.
We went over to the kid section and they rode lots and lots of rides. All of us were able to go on the big pirate ship. I sat across from the rest of them so I could watch their faces. Clayton looked like he was scared, but said it was fun afterwards. We also took the kids on the train that goes around the zoo.

This was the first year that Clayton really loved going on all the rides. I think his favorite ride was the cars. Bryce took Addey and Cooper on some big rides and I took Clatyon on the smaller rides.  Cooper really had a great time and it was fun to see the excitement in his eyes after a ride was finished. 

At 5:30, Alpine served a yummy Kentucky Fried Chicken meal.  We went over to the pavillion to eat dinner and then took the kids out for one more hour.  I definately would have stayed longer if Cooper didnt' have school the next day.  Lagoon is so expensive, so we have to take full advantage of it when Alpine pays for it each year! 

Bryce and I agreed that we had a great time spending the day as a family.  It was nice to see the boys have fun and enjoy the rides.  Bryce and I even got to go on a ride or two!

Brigham City Temple Open House

Steph invited our family to go to the open house for the Brigham City Temple.  She had just enough tickets to take us with her family.  The tickets were gone the first day they were available online, so it was nice to be able to still go with our family.  It is such a beautfiful temple.  They had pictures of peach trees and mountains in the temple.
All the rooms were gorgeous. There is just something neat about taking your kids through the "house of the Lord".  They really enjoyed it.  We showed Cooper the mirrors in the sealing room where it seems as they go on for eternity.  The sealing room is where the marriages take place and the mirrors represent the fact that we are sealed together, as families, for doens't just end at death.  Anyway, there was a special spirit there and we really enjoyed our evening there at the temple!

Soccer Season

Cooper has been begging me to sign him up for soccer this past year. Well, finally I got him on to a team that has two kids from our neighborhood.  I told him that we need to practice so can improve.  One day, I took him out in the backyard to help him learn how to kick the ball (not with the toe of his foot) and also how to drop kick it.
Let's just say it didnt' go so well.  We started off with drop kicks and he did pretty good. He doesn't like me to tell him how to do things, so I was getting frustrated.  At first, I wasn't mad at him, I was just trying to help him figure out how to drop the ball so that he could kick it easier.  He listened to me and started doing really well.  I was encouraging him and he was happy and doing well. 
Next, I tried to show him how to kick the ball on the side/top of his foot.  He couldn't do it no matter how many times he tried, so he just gave up and kept telling me he couldn't do it and that he wanted to stop practicing.  He kept complaining and then he would walk to the ball instead of run to it....all the perfect ingredients for a HATCH to start getting upset. I tried to patiently explain to him that people have to practice if they want to get better.  I told him that I spent countless hours practicing basketball when I was young. 
He started crying and wanted to go inside.  I told him to go inside to wipe his nose and then come back out because we were not finished.  I "showed" him how to kick the ball hard into the fence (almost through the wooden fence)...while stood there crying.  I then decided I needed to relax, take a deep breath or two, and let him kick the ball however he wanted to.  All I wanted him to do, was to kick the ball hard.  He kicked it hard 10 times and then we were done.  I told him that he did a good job and I that I wasn't trying to be mean to him...I just wanted him to not give up and to try his hardest.  I tried to explain to him that I wanted him to feel confident and good about his skills when game time came and that was why I was trying to teach him some skills and practice with him....He told me thanks and that he loved me. We haven't practiced since that day 3 weeks ago!
He has played in two games now and he did a great job.  I was very proud of him.  He didn't score any goals or make any amazing passes...but he hustled the entire game, never gave up, and had a happy attitude.  I stood close to him while he played goalie and defender so that I could help him learn where to stand and how to attack the ball or protect the goal.  He had a lot of fun in the games and I have really enjoyed watching him play and have a good time!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Journal Entry August 19, 2012

Last December (2011), Bryce and I tried to use our frozen embryos and do invitro again. I knew our chances of getting pregnant were not that great using frozen embryos, but I still had hope that it would work. It worked the first time, so why wouldn’t it work the second time.

Well, supposedly I was pregnant for a very short period of time. I had to keep doing blood work and watch as my HCG numbers got lower and lower. I had a really difficult time for about two weeks after. It was probably some of the hardest days of my life.

That happened eight months ago, and I am still suffering emotionally and spiritually because of the events of that time period. Let’s just say that it pretty much rocked my world…and left me trying to pick up the pieces and make sense of it all. I have spent lots of time thinking and pondering within my mind and soul as to why things happen….

We are taught to have faith, pray, and fast in this life. And I have contemplated whether those things affect the outcome of what happens in our life. I know that it affects us individually. I know it strengthens us in time of trials. I know that it helps us grow closer to our Savior and our Father in Heaven. But, I still don’t know if it helps with the actual outcome of a situation. So, my mind has been full of turmoil the last few months as I try to figure things out.

I feel like I have been na├»ve all these years to think that my faith or my prayers have any sort of “pull” on the outcome of these situations. I continue to pray and continue to have faith….that will not change. I received a priesthood blessing from my dear husband. It was a comforting blessing. I got the feeling that I was doing what I was supposed to be doing and that Heavenly Fathers’ plan for me would fall into place as I continued to serve others and do those things that were right.

I have also talked to some family members and I have searched the scriptures to try to learn more about faith. Here is a question I came up with: “Do we have faith that a miracle might occur or a situation might change, or do we have faith only in Jesus Christ, that he might heal us and give us peace in time of need?” Another thing that I noticed: It seems like many times when faith is mentioned, that patience is in the same verse.

I have been praying to my Father in Heaven that he might help me understand a little better the things that I am searching and pondering right now. I have asked that I might receive some sort of message from Him, so that I can be at rest.

I knew that our Stake Conference was coming up and I also knew that we would be missing the adult session due to an Alpine Campout, but I really felt like I needed to be there because I needed some direction and inspiration in my life. Well, it just so happened that many of the Alpine employees backed out the day before and so they cancelled the campout.

A member of the Twelve Apostles, Richard G. Scott, was going to be speaking at our conference. I asked Heavenly Father to please prepare a message for me during that conference. After listening to the first three wonderful speakers, I still had not received “my message”.

My message came from the very next speaker, Elder Summerhays, who is a member of the Area 70. He talked about how the “sons of Helaman” or the stripling warriors had great faith because their mothers had taught them to have faith. But, then he talked about how even those young men who were very faithful and courageous, were getting discouraged because things were not going right and they were having some trials. He talked about how even those amazing men needed some “assurances”.

Alma 58:11 “Yea, and it came to pass that the Lord our God did visit us with assurances that he would deliver us; yea, 1. Insomuch that he did speak peace to our souls, 2. And he did grant unto us great faith, 3. And did cause us that we should hope for our deliverance in him”

Elder Summerhays went on to say this; “I feel like I need to say this to some of you…I feel like some of you need assurances tonight…you are a good girl….you are a good boy…you are doing everything you need to be doing….everything will work out for you. Inspite of the winds blowing and rains coming down, you are good enough…take courage, feel the assurance that you are doing all that you can do.”

And then he shared Proverbs 3:5-6: “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths”

Never before has this scripture had so much meaning to me. First, I need to trust in the Lord….not just sometimes and not in just some things, but with all my heart….completely trust him…..I do trust in my Lord and I know that he is all knowing and has a perfect plan with each of us. I also know that his timing is perfect. Second, and more importantly to me, I need to realize that I do not and will never understand everything…sometimes our ways are not the ways of the Lord. I cannot lean on my own understandings. The Lord has great things prepared for me, including my successes and my trials. Third, I need to always remember to acknowledge his Hand in everything I have…to give thanks and show gratitude to Him often. AND IF I DO THESE THINGS, He will direct my paths….And as long as He is directing my paths, it doesn’t matter what happens on those paths, because I will be fine and everything will be OK.

Elder Summerhays ended with two quotes from President Hinckley and President Monson. I actually saw the quote from President Hinckley about 3 days ago on Facebook and it caught my eye then and now I feel it is even more “special and meant for me” because I heard it again last night:

“In my ninety plus years, I have learned a secret. I have learned that when good men and good women face challenges with optimism, things will always work out! Truly, things always work out! Despite how difficult circumstances may look at the moment, those who have faith and move forward with a happy spirit will find that things always work out.”

I love this quote. It is so true. Rarely things work out just how we plan them to or want them to. But, if we have a good attitude and have faith, then things will work out. And when we are down the road looking back at these times of trial or hardship, we will know and realize that things worked out exactly how they were supposed to….and if we didn’t have the optimism or faith during those times, how much more difficult it would be to get off the ground and climb over those hills!

I am so thankful to a loving Heavenly Father, who answered my prayer and plea personally last night at stake conference. It was no coincidence that our campout got cancelled. I needed to be there last night to receive my answer and to have the Spirit touch my heart and let me know that Heavenly Father cares about me. Though, I do not have everything figured out, I have learned a lot in the past 24 hours. I am going to go forward with faith in my Heavenly Father. I am thankful for a Savior who willingly answered the call to suffer in Gethsemane for me so that he can succor me in my time of need. He knows what I am feeling and He is there for me.

I will continue to pray, have faith, and fast throughout my life. I know that I need to be doing these things. PERIOD. It doesn’t matter if they do or do not have an impact on the outcome of a specific situation. I need to be doing them. I do not understand everything. I do not have all the answers and 99% of the time, I don’t know why things happen the way they do, but I will keep plugging along and continue to learn as I go.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Camping Pictures

 Here is a picture of Bryce towing the tubes across the lake.  Such a beautiful backdrop!

 Kell, Brittney, and Kylee all rode on this four wheeler over to Bear Lake. I bet it was comfy!
 Clatyon had a great time playing in the water with mom and Shaylee.  It was cold, but refreshing.  I didn't think he would like it, but I couldn't talk him into getting out!
Scott and Chelsey came up for dinner and visiting....they will be married in November!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Camping at Franklin Basin

 A few months ago, Bryce and I started talking about camping up at Willow Flats in Idaho.  We decided on some dates and Bryce took Friday off of work so we could camp an extra day.  It turned out that Willow Flats was all booked and so we had Paul go up a day early and find a spot at Franklin Basin.  It has been such a hot summer, with so many fires around Utah, so it was pretty dry. 
We ended up getting a real nice spot by the river.  The river was low so it was safe for the kids to play in...although it was freezing cold.  Clayton wouldn't step foot in it until Saturday afternoon and then he wanted to stay in it for a long time. He would go back and forth between the big rocks. 
On Friday morning, we got to the camp around 11 and got our trailers and things all set up.  We ate lunch and then headed over to Tony Grove.  Even though it's been a dry year, it was still so beautiful up there at the lake.  Steph and Bryce hauled the tubes across the lake in their kayaks.
The water was a nice temperature.  The kids had a great time kayaking, playing in the water, and walking on the ginormous dead tree that was floating out in the lake.  Cooper really enjoyed the kayak and he did a great job on it.  He stayed out on it for at least a half an hour.  I think he found a new hobby!
Clayton played in the water a little bit, but the wind was blowing hard this day, so he was kind of cold.  We spent a lot of time sitting in the tubes eating grapes and cherry tomatoes.  Kylee, Brittney and Kell showed up in the afternoon and spent a couple of hours with us.  We went back to camp around 4 and started preparing dinner.
We had tacos the first night.  It was kind of sad because we were not allowed to have any fires, so we sat around the camper light and visited when it got dark.  It would have been nice to have a fire because it really cooled down once the sun dropped.
On Saturday morning, we had "Kneaders" french toast, eggs, and bacon for breakfast.  It was so good and a nice way to start the day off!  We got packed up and ready to go on an ATV ride over to Bear Lake.  We stopped at the "Mail Tree" about 5 miles into the ride and let everyone see the tree and climb the rocks!
As we continued on to Bear Lake, we came to a spot where there is a cute little stream that runs through the valley.  We were all really dusty and dirty so we stopped to wash our faces and let the kids get out and run around for a while.  Cooper and Addey had a great time being "thrown" over the stream by Bryce. The water was crisp and cool, but so refreshing. 
It was 32 miles over to Fish Haven.  We stopped there to eat a sandwich, get a Dr. Pepper, and relax before we headed back to camp.  The sandwiches were kind of expensive, but they were huge and yummy!  We enjoyed fresh raspberry shakes too!
The older girls were ready to get back to camp, so we didn't stop much on the way back.  Kylee rode on the back of Bryce's machine and she held Clayton (who was sleeping) all the way back.  I'm sure her arms were killing after 90 minutes. Paul and Steph stopped at a trading post and got the kids walking sticks.  They were pretty excited about them.  In fact, they talked Scott into carving their names into their sticks.
After the ride, we were caked with dust and sweat.  It was warm outside, so Steph, Shaylee, and I decided to bathe in the river.  We washed and conditioned our hair in that freezing cold water.  It was almost numbing.  Steph wanted to do a full dip in the water and it was refreshing but so cold.  It felt so good to be clean again!!
Bryce made BBQ chicken  and dutch oven potatoes for dinner.  The chicken took a long time cooking, so we ended up throwing it on the grill.  The food was yummy.  Chelsey and Scott came up for dinner.  It was nice to visit with them and get to know Scott a little better.  Again, we had no fire that night, so we went to bed earlier than normal.
On Sunday morning, we made breakfast, sat around and visited for a while and then packed up for home.  It was such a nice little camping trip.  I always wish we had one more day to camp.  It's so much fun and relaxing.