Sunday, June 28, 2009

Splashin' In the Sun

Summer finally started here in Utah. It's been such a crazy June with all the rain and cooler weather, but it has been nice. It was actually near 90 degrees on Tuesday, so we let the kids play in the pool in the back yard.
They had a great time slideing into the pool on their body board. And they did a pretty good job of taking turns. Landon enjoyed dipping his face into the pool.
I had to get a picture of Annika in her cute swimsuit. She always puts in on backwards because she thinks the design on the front is a necklace. So, she goes around with a wedgie all day, but at least she has the necklace in the front!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Father's Day

On Saturday night, we went to dinner at Coppermill with Jocelynn, Kyle, Sherrie, and Brian. It is one of our most favorite restaurants. We had a good time visiting with each other.

On Sunday, we celebrated Father's Day by going to church with Bryce's parents and then we went out to Grandma and Grandpa Coopers for lunch. We were able to take some "sister' pictures while we were there. It's not often that we are all together, so we took advantage of it by gettting some picts.
I hope that Bryce had a good Fathers Day! He is a very good daddy to Cooper. Cooper loves to spend time with Bryce and I enjoy watching them play together. It is fun to see how excited Cooper gets when Bryce gets home from work every night. I am blessed to have Bryce as the Father of my kids and as my husband and friend. He is a good man and he takes good care of us!We love you Bryce!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Air Force Museum

Sherrie, Brian, and their kids stayed with us last weekend, so we decided to go check out Hill Air Force Base Museum. The kids had a great time looking at all the air craft. There are some interesting looking jets and planes. It's amazing to think that some of those big choppers can actually get off the ground. I think Brian had the best time of us all. He knows alot about the air craft because he is working for a company that makes them.

They had a seat from a cock pit that the kids could sit in and pretend they were flying.

Cooper is really into taking pictures right now, so I let him take this picture of me, Jacqui and Sherrie at the museum. I think he did a pretty good job!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Targeted Ultrasound

Bryce and I were able to go to my targeted ultrasound today. This is an ultrasound where they check the brain, heart, and basically all of the organs to make sure every thing is doing ok. They do alot of measurements as well.
When she first started the ultrasound, Clayton was sucking on his thumb. His head is at the bottom of my belly and his feet are up by my ribs. She measured his head, abdomen wall, and thigh bone, as well as other things. I am almost 25 weeks along, but Clayton is measuring 26 1/2 weeks, so hopefully, my doctor will change the due date. She said the due date should be Sept. 19th.
As she continued through the ultrasound, my eyes starting getting fuzzy and I was getting very uncomfortable. She had me turnover on my left side so I did not pass out. I guess I had been laying on my back for too long and it was making me sick. I missed half the ultrasound but Bryce got to see it all. When I turned over, Clayton started moving like crazy and the doctor was having a hard time getting pictures and measuring things because he was so active.

We were able to see a side profile of him, and as far as I could tell, he was a cute baby! But, the best news is that he looked healthy and strong and the doctor said everything looked good. So, once again, our prayers are being answered!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Fun Day With Cooper

I have realized that it is so easy to get wrapped up in doing things around the house or in the yard, instead of spending time with our kids. Especially, when we have children that can entertain themselves. I find myself at the end of the day wondering where all my time went and why I didn't spend much quality time with Cooper...and then I start feeling really bad and guilty and I always promise myself that I will do better the next day. And I am sure it will just get harder with the more children that we have. Anyway, Cooper and I have had a fun time together this week, but on Friday we had really a good time. After I finished work, Cooper helped me pick strawberries off our vines in the backyard. As Cooper put it, "they were excellente!"
Next, we went to eat lunch at our weekly chinese restaurant with Bryce and my friend, Bekka. Cooper loves Chinese food and he made sure that he was sitting next to me. We shared our rice, noodles, and chicken with each other. After lunch, we went over to the park in Kaysville and went for a walk around the softball fields. Cooper played on the playground for a little while and then we went to Bryce's shop. Bekka shared a yummy cinammon roll with us from Great Harvest and then we played "hide-n-go-seek".

When we got home, we played with Play-dough and then Cooper came out in the back yard and I was able to swing him for a little while. We ended our fun day by going on a walk while he rode his bike. The weather has been so nice (meaning cool, but rainy). We have spent lots of time outside the last few weeks. Anyway, it was just nice to focus all my time on him and we had a great time! I love you Cooper and I hope you will always know how much you are loved by your mom and dad!

Maternity Massage

On Thursday, I got a babysitter for Cooper and decided to go use my massage gift certificate. My friend bought me a massage for my birthday and then we found out 3 weeks later that I was pregnant. Anyway, so I decided I better use it before I got any bigger and before it expired. I called to schedule my appt and they told me that they do maternity massages. I was so excited because I love massages!

I got into my room and the lady told me that there was a hole in the bed where I was supposed to put my stomach. It was a padded hole that they try to adjust to fit different sized bellies. So, I got undressed for my massage, climbed on to the bed and attempted to place my belly in this hole. I kept readjusted many times, as I was very skeptical about this hole in the bed. The lady came in the room and started the massage. I dont know if I mentally made my self freak out or I there really was pressure on my stomach, but I all of a sudden felt like I was going to pass out. I sat up and asked the lady if I could have a drink of water. When she got back to the room, my forehead was completely wet with sweat. Needless to say, I ended up doing my massage while laying on my side. It was a nice, relaxing massage and the lady was very kind and understanding of my stupidity. I don't know if I will ever try a maternity massage again!