Monday, January 28, 2008

President Hinckley Passes Away

Our church leader and prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley passed away at his home about 7 o'clock last night with his family at his side. President Hinckley was 97 years old. He was the 15th president of the church. I just wanted to say a few words about this man. He was truly an amazing person. We will miss him very much for he was loved by all people who knew him. He had such a great sense of humor and I loved listening to his talks. He had such an inspired way to speak to people and convey messages of his heart. I know that he must be a happy man right now because he is home with his Heavenly Father, Savior, Jesus Christ and wife Marjorie. He loved the gospel with all of this heart and he was truly a servant of the Lord. I am so thankful for him and the life and example that he gave us all. We have been blessed to be alive during his leadership and to be able to witness a man of God. We love you and miss you!! Thanks for all of your service and love...

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Yesterday was the most perfect day for many reasons. First, it was a Saturday, which meant that Bryce would be home and we would be able to "P"lay all day as a family. We started off the morning by "E"ating excellent doughnuts, which is Cooper's favorite food. There is place up the street called, "The Hole". Anyway, we got them to go and then headed down to South Jordan to go to "R"enee Whetten's baby shower. I wanted to bring Bryce and Cooper so that some of my friends could see the handsome men in my life. Dad took Cooper to Carl's Jr. play place while I stayed at the shower. It was so much fun to see Renee and the Weavers from Texas.

After the shower, we headed back home to get ready to take Cooper sledding. We bought him a new saucer sled and he had so much fun. The weather was warm, like around 40. So, we were able to go sledding and not have to wear our jackets or gloves. Cooper would go "F"lying down the hill on his sled and he would do it over and over again. Mom and Dad even tried it a time or two. When we got home from sledding, Cooper decided that he would "E"at the snow. In fact, with all the snow we have received, I have been letting him make slushies with snow and juice. He thinks it is awesome.

Next, we "C"reated a snowman and a snow cave. Cooper knows Frosty the Snowman and so we thought it would be fun for him to decorate the snowman. We got rocks for his buttons, sweet tarts for his eyes, and put a scarf on him. We are expecting more snow tonight and tomorrow, so Bryce piled all the snow up so that he can make a bigger cave when we get more snow. I guess the winter scout camps taught him something. Actually, maybe he is practicing, because this weekend they are doing a Klondike campout in the mountains and it will be freezing cold. I would never wish that on my worst enemy!

Anyway, we had such a fun time and we loved being "T"ogether as a family and spending the whole day doing fun activities. We finished off the night by getting to see Jocelynn and kids who were down for Tawni's basketball tourney. Thanks to Jocelynn for helping me finish my adoption scrapbook pages which I will be posting soon. We also ate dinner with Steph and Paul and TGIF and that was really good food. What a great day we had spending time with family!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pizza Party

Friday night we had some friends (Jacqui and Jared and Raelyn and Matt) over for pizza and games. We played Ticket to Ride. Our kids had so much fun playing with each other and Reese finally had a little girl to play with instead of always boys.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Why Trials?

Last night we had a program at the church that welcomes new 12 year olds into our young women organization. It's called New Beginnings. Anyway, we had a guest speaker, Brenda, who did an amazing job and I wanted to share a part of her message. She talked about when she was 12, she sat down with her bishop (happened to be her father at the time) and they discussed what she wanted to accomplish in the future. She wanted to go to college, get married, and have an eternal family. So, together, they wrote all these goals down on paper.

Well, when she was 14 years old, her parents got into a horrific accident. Her dad died in the hospital 6 weeks later and her mother was burned beyond recognition. The family(mom and six children) grew very close and really learned to love and depend on each other. Well, when Brenda was a senior in high school, she went on a date with a man who had just returned from an LDS mission. While driving to their date, she looked over at him, and got two distinct impressions.... First, this was going to be her husband one day, and second, she would not have him for very long, so she needed to take advantage of the time she had with him. Well, to make a long story, short, she married the man after high school, she finished college while having two babies, and sixteen years later, her husband died in a helicopter accident.

She concluded her story by telling us that she thinks that maybe we could have sat down with our Father in Heaven before we came to Earth and talked about what we wanted to accomplish, and who we wanted to be when we returned. She said, "I think he told me that I would have to lose my father and husband, and go through these trials, to make me be the person that I wanted to be. I said sign me up." She went on to say that she would not trade her trials with anybody else's trials because they have made her the person she is today. I really believe what she said. We each have our own set of trials and they will make us grow as individuals.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Joy School

Cooper has been going to Joy School for a couple of months and he loves it. He has seven kids in his class, including himself. We trade off with the other mothers to teach weekly lessons. It's so nice when you can drop your child off for a couple of hours twice a week, but when it's your turn to have seven 2 and 3 year olds at your house, it can get a little crazy. This week Cooper learned that he is unique and has different qualities. He also learned that he should love himself. This is his class which consists of Cooper, Ethan, Betsy, Kenzie, and Tayson. Two kids are missing in this picture. Cooper loves interacting with the other children. But, sometimes he finds himself in time out because listening isn't his most favorite thing to do right now.
Cooper's best buds, Reese and Jaxson, don't understand why Cooper goes to school and they don't. "But he is 2 and we are 4, why does he go to school?" they ask all the time. Sometimes they get to come with me to pick up Cooper or drop him off and they love to look at the new things that he makes in class. Hopefully, they will be able to go next year.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Fishers of Men

Yesterday, I had to speak in church with my presidency. I do not like speaking in public. It causes me alot of anxiety and stress. So, I asked to speak first, so that I could get it over with and relax for the rest of the meeting. We were asked to speak on being "fishers of men", which basically means following the life of the Savior. He was a perfect example of selflessness, service, compassion, and love toward others. I began my talk by telling everybody about how excited Cooper was when he came home from Christmas vacation. He kept telling everyone to 'come and see' his room and toys. Well, over 2000 years ago, that same invitation was given to fishermen on the shore of Galilee. "Come and see, come follow me, come unto me, and I will make you fishers of men." And I went on to talk about "nets" and what fills our nets.... time constraints, pressure from home or job, feelings of inadequacy.... anything that keeps us from following Christ. I ended with some ideas on how we can better be fishers of more service to those around us, being better examples, being better friends and neighbors, and there are many, many more!! I only had to speak for about 5 minutes, so I felt so much better when I was finally finished.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend Fun!!

On Saturday, we went and ate lunch with Jacqui, Steph, Brittney and Shaylee. We had a great time visiting the food was great. In fact, I stuffed myself with too much food. We ate at Applebee's, where they have the 3 course meals for $9.99. Brittney had a gymnastics meet in Ogden so that is why they came down. It's always nice to celebrate any occasion with food.

Saturday afternoon we were able to spend time playing Ticket to Ride with our friends Weston and Mandy, and Jacqui and Jared. Come to find out that their little Chloe, who isn't even two yet, knows all of her alphabets by sight. Amazing! Just lets me know that I have alot of work to do with Cooper. But then again, all of our kids learn differently and develop at different speeds.

If you haven't played Ticket to Ride, then you need to try it out. It is so much fun. It is a new game that can only be found at specialty stores. Alot of fun though. Basically, we spent our weekend playing that game over and over and the sad thing is that I have never won....just not good at the game, I guess!!

Saturday night, Bryce, Cooper and I went to Carl's Jr. for dinner and then came home and watch Comanche Moon. It was alot of fun to just relax and hang out as a family. We had a good time watching Cooper run back and forth through the living room. Whatever helps him sleep at night!! We started potty training Cooper about 3 weeks ago. The first day was a nightmare. We went through six pairs of clothes and I didn't know if I was ready for this. However, he is finally telling us when he needs to go and I am very proud of him. He is doing a good job and learning quickly.

Many of you know that Bryce and I have been trying to adopt another baby for over a year now. Of course, it has been a topic of discussion in our home quite a bit lately. We have many friends that are pregnant and so babies come up in conversation alot. I have also been talking to Cooper alot about it lately and asking him if would like a little brother or sister. The reply is always a little brother. I have been amazed at how excited he is when he sees babies lately. Well, last night I was in the bathroom and I overheard Bryce putting Cooper down for bed. Bryce asked Cooper to say a prayer. Cooper started his prayer, and about half way through, he said, something with these words: "mommy have a baby". I couldn't believe my ears. What a good little boy we have!! We are so blessed to have him in our family. If we could all be like little children and have faith like them!! I was very touched and I will never forget that prayer. We had not mentioned anything about a baby that whole day and then he prays that we will have a baby. Wow.... Is he good at knowing the desires of mom's heart, or what?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It has been quite a week for winter storms. We received alot of snow. I spent alot of time out shoveling the snow. It is kind of fun, but this last storm was heavy and wet and I was so sore the next day from moving all that snow. Bryce came home from work and told me that if I did that again that he would get in big trouble from the bishop. The bishop told all the men that their wives should not be shoveling their driveways. Anyway, Cooper had a great time in the snow. He got to go to grandma and papa's house, where they bought all the grandkids a sled to use in the snow. Outside their house, they have a huge pile of snow that the kids use for sledding. Cooper had so much fun and he fit perfectly in the little tobogan(sp.?). As soon as it warms up again, I want to take him sledding again. It has been bitter and cold the last few days.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Hatch Christmas Highlights

*Going with Sean to the "World Trade Center" to pick up his wedding ring for Kellye... talking about marriage and life... it was fun to see how excited Sean was about his ring....Listening to Sean tell Kellye his first lie about not having the ring yet.... and trying to help Sean pick a date for his engagement.... Later, taking a million pictures of the ring so other family could see it.

* Driving to Tyler's B-ball game with Shayne (even though it ended up being a 3 1/2 hour drive). It gave us the chance to talk about life and visit one-on-one, which we haven't been able to do it years.

* Remembering how "different" it is to be in Texas, especially Killeen, Texas, where Tyler played basketball....instantly brought me back to when I was more competitive and would get angry with the the way, Tyler also got a technical foul that game...good job, Tyler!!.... Afraid that we would get lynched outside the gym if we said anything to the refs...

* Eating dinner at Chili's with the family....Thanks mom and dad for "footin" the bill!!

* Staying up late every single night, but especially the two nights before Christmas.... spending time talking to family while wrapping presents.... making fun of Sean because he decided to wrap Kellye's presents in Hannakah paper ..... making a paper snowflake to put on the outside of her other present that color cooridinated... it taking him three hours to do these two things...Sherrie and I had a good time making fun of him!

*Watching Annika love Bryce so much....she was attached to him right from the beginning...she has so much personality and spunk... in fact, at one point, Bryce and I were laughing about something she did, and she ran around the kitchen bar and hit Bryce.... it was really funny.... She loves jewelry, purses, and one shoe!

*Spending Christmas Eve shopping with Sherrie, Sean, and Tyler..helping Sean by all of his little things for his engagement.

*Sitting around at Sherries house Christmas Night waiting for Sean to call and tell us he was finally engaged.....hearing how excited he was when it happened..(more details will be explained below)

* Bryce walking through the bathroom at mom and dad's and tapping Kellye's butt..... totally thinking that it was Sherrie...whoops!! Sorry Kellye....

*Eating ice cream and watching a dumb movie with Sean, Kellye, Bryce, Amanda, and Tyler....watching National Treasure with Tyler and Amanda...while Tyler was holding Amanda's hand, I was holding his other hand, stroking it softly.....he slapped my hand away and told me I was so dumb after the was fun though!!

*Eating...Eating....Eating....all the good dips at Sherrie's house, which include the best queso in the world...homemade guacamole....and artichoke/jalepeno dip....and those were just the beginning of the good food we ate...(check my favorites to see my best restaurants)

* Watching Cooper, Wesley, and Micaela on Christmas is awesome to have young kids around to bring the Christmas Spirit to the house....they were so excited....watching Cooper get excited every time Wesley opened one of his presents...and seeing Cooper try to roller skate through the house

*Running into my high school basketball teammate and friend at Blockbuster....I love seeing friends when I come into town....doesn't happen very often, but it is still neat to catch up with old friends and see how they are doing.

*Cooper had so much fun at grandma and grandpa's house... he found all sorts of new toys there...he loved to play chase around the kitchen with Bandit....he enjoyed wondering around the back yard because he actually could (no snow!!), and he loved getting in the hot tub(with the tree frogs) with Tyler and Bryce...Cooper got to spend alot of time with Grandma and Grandpa while we went out to eat...thanks mom and dad for doing that for us....We appreciate it!!
*The last thing that Cooper wanted to do before we left for the airport was to go on a walk with Papa.... he went on alot of walks with grandpa and Bandit.

*Watching Tyler play basketball in Anderson.....he scored 16 points the first game and 21 the second game...we were really impressed with your skills, Tyler, and we really enjoyed watching you play...good luck with the rest of the season!!

* Stopping in West, on the way to Dallas, to pick up some fresh made kolaches.... peach, apricot, strawberry cheesecake, and sausage for dad...yum.yum.....

* Watching
A&M in their bowl game in a really nice theatre room at one of our friends houses...eating wings and popcorn and queso
*Listening to Ava tell me how "special" everything and everyone is.... laughing inside because I know her dad teaches her all sorts of things!! And her mom's not much better!!
*Kellye and Seans Engagement: The Story Begins: Sean tells Kellye that he will be late coming to her house because he went to Alvin and the Chipmunks with family(lie #1), telling her that Cooper just loved it and even laughed (Lie # 2) , telling her that he was out in he hall with Annika through alot of the movie(lie # 3), Kellye turns around and tells her parents this whole story, (they are laughing inside because they are part of the whole setup), Kellye's family goes to the movie and in the meantime, Sean is setting up the loft in the barn with candles, pictures, ornaments, and of course, Godiva cheesecake, After the movie, Kellye's parents decide to take a detour to get some milk, Kellye says she has a sinus headache and that she will need some medicine when she gets home, her mom and dad decide to take her to a pharmacy, Kellye says, "I just take medicine when I get home, we have plenty." To which her mom replies, "I gave it all to our house keeper"(lie #4)... Kellye thinks that is odd since they have a whole cupboard designated just for sinus medicine....Her parents are trying to stall for Sean, so Kellye's father says that he needs to go the bathroom at the pharmacy and that Kellye should to, because it will help alleviate her headache!!!(lie #5)... So, Kellye goes to the bathroom and lo and behold, her headache did feel, the power of positive thinking!! They finally get home and they go to fee the horses...she realizes that her dog is stuck in the barn, and that's when she goes in and realizes what is going on....the tears start flowing...Sean sings her a song that he wrote especially for her... in the song it asks her to marry him... of which she replied yes!!!
We are so excited to have Kellye be a new member of our family. We already love her so much. You are a great person, Kellye and I know that you and Sean will take care of each other. I witnessed that when I was in College Station. Thank you for treating my brother so well. YOu are the world to him.....We love you....

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Holidays at the Hatch's

Our family spent Christmas this year with family in Texas. We had such a great time. In fact, this was probably one of our most favorite trips to Texas. We flew into Dallas, where we spent a couple of days with Shayne, Jen, Ava, and Nolan. It was really good to be able to spend some quality time with them and get to know Ava and Nolan better. Cooper had a great time playing with Ava. They even striked up some good conversations in the back seat while seating next to each other. Nolan enjoyed pulling Coopers hair when he could get a chance. I had fun growling with Nolan and he would growl back at me. I also loved it when Jen (his mom), cut his hair like the guy on Dumb and Dumber. It was so cute and so funny.