Saturday, April 19, 2014

Parker 12 Weeks Old

She has been a healthy baby thus far. At about 5 weeks old, she started getting fussy and irritable and so we figured out that she was having acid reflux. It took us a while to decide if that was the problem.  She would act like she was hungry all the time and that was because the milk soothed her acid.  Anyway, we finally put her on a prescription and she is so much better.
I have really enjoyed her different stages through the past 12 weeks.  She struggled with nights, like all babies, but she finally figured it out around six weeks.  Before that, she would wake up for her night feedings and stay up for at least an hour or more  before settling back down. She is almost 3 months old and she is doing great at nights.  For about the past 4 days, she is going 8 eight hours before her next feeding and she will go right back to sleep.
I love to hold her and for the most part, I have things figured out with her.  I think that my age is coming into play and I seem to be more patient and not as structured with her.  I enjoy holding her till she falls asleep. She is also really starting to interact and smile often.
 She has been smiling for a few weeks now, but just this week, she will smiles constantly as you talk to her.  She also wants to talk back to you.  She is very active and she loves to kick and move her arms a lot.  She
 also just found her hands this week and she loves to put them in her mouth. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Break and General Conference Weekend

 For Spring Break this year, we did a few different things.  On Monday, I took the boys to the park.  It was windy and a little cold, so I sat in the car with Parker and the boys played and then went over and fed the ducks.
 On Wednesday, I took the kids to Fat Cats.  Jacqui watched Parker for me so I could just focus on the boys.  It snowed huge snow flakes this day.  The boys had a fun time bowling.  Cooper did a really good job and Clayton had a fun time trying to get the heavy ball down the lane.  His ball kept curving off and only hit a pin or two. 
 Bryce and I took all the kids to a movie.  It was Parker's first movie and she slept through the whole thing.  This is one of our favorite things to do as a family.  We get drinks, candy, a bag of popcorn and head in to enjoy the show.  I love watching the boys laugh at the funny scenes. During the week, Bryce and I went to watch Divergent.  We grabbed Chic-fil-A and headed into the show.  We both read the book so we were excited to see the movie.  We really enjoyed the movie and spending some time with each other.
 On Friday, we took the boys over to Steph and Paul's new pool to go swimming for a few minutes.  It was cold outside and the water was somewhat warm.  The boys froze in the water,but they enjoyed swimming.  Bryce and I had Papa Douglas watch the kids while we went to the Logan Temple to do sealings.  It was a nice evening and so great to get back to the temple after having the baby.  Afterwards, we at Cowboy Beans and watched a movie. 
 During general conference, the boys still pretty good to stay still and try to listen to a little bit here and there.  Grandma Douglas showed Clayton how to stitch.  She even let him string the needle and try it out.  I love that she is so patient and kind with the kids.  She is such a good grandma to them and they love her a lot.
 Papa became attached to Parker over the weekend because he got to babysit her.  He could not get enough of her.  She smiled at him and tried to talk to him.  It was fun to sit back and watch him just adore her and interact with her.  After the morning session of conference, we ate lunch with Grandma and Papa and then headed out to Jill and Brandon's to visit their family.