Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall Activities

A few weeks ago, Bryce took Clayton and Cooper on a ride up to Inspiration Point.  I really wanted to go but decided it probably wasn't the safest thing for me or the baby.  I was kind of sad to drop them off and watch them head up the trail without me.  I kept thinking that it just wasn't right that I wasn't with them.  Anyway, Bryce drove at a pretty good speed and they made it up and back in 3 hours. They stopped up the top for a only a few minutes because the wind was blowing so hard.  They had a good time with their dad!
Cooper has been working hard on scouts.  We have been trying to go through his wolf book to get some requirements passed off.  He has really enjoyed scouts.  He loves the activities and interacting with the boys. He has amazing leaders right now and they plan great activities for the boys.  Cooper was able to earn his Bobcat.  I can't stand the dorky cheers that they do in scouts, but the boys sure love them!
Over General Conference Weekend, we decided to plan a "Douglas" family get together.  On Saturday afternoon, we went out to Paradise to have Jocelynn take some family pictures.  Cooper also had to take some pictures for the Reflections Program at school.  Here is one of my favorites. Afterwards, we headed back to the Douglas to eat dinner, relax, and watch a movie.
On Sunday morning, I got up and made gorilla bread for everyone.  We haven't had this bread in a long time.  Bryce's mom used to make it on General Conference mornings, but hasn't done it in years, so I thought I would make them while I was in town.  We all enjoyed the biscuits for breakfast and then headed downstairs to watch the first session of Conference.  Its hard to concentrate on the talks when family keeps coming in and out and so Bryce and I decided to listen to talks on our Ipad.  Hopefully, we can get through them all before next conference!

After the first session, the rest of the family showed up and we all enjoyed a tasty feast of regular lasagna, sour cream lasagna, chicken lasagna, and tater tot casserole.  The weather was cool and beautiful so we ate outside on the patio.  After lunch and visiting, we attempted to watch the second session.  Afterwards, we all went up stairs and the cousins made "Owl" cookies for Halloween.  They really enjoy this tradition.  I just enjoy watching them and eating the dough!

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