Sunday, December 18, 2016

Home Sweet Home!

 We arrived in College Station around 2 in the afternoon.  We were so happy to be there, but Bryce and I were exhausted.  After a nap, we were able to enjoy the rest of the day.  The kids did some arts and crafts with Grandma.  We went over to the pond to feed the ducks in the 10 degree weather, but we only last 2 minutes before piling back in the car. These mixed nuts remind me of home because Mom always got them around Christmas and they always showed up in the bottom of our stockings.

Earlier in the day, Uncle Tyler sprayed the back deck with water.  This is what we do in Texas to create a ice skating rink.  Later that night, he took the kids outside to enjoy the fun deck. They slid around on their feet and also flew across the deck in clothes baskets.  Cooper tried to push Parker, but he slipped on his bum and went crashing down. We even got Grandma out there to  slide around in a basket.

 Parker finally crashed after a long day.  She snuggled up next to Grandma and fell asleep.  Later that night around 12 pm, Tyler took Bryce and I to Fuego's for some delicious white queso.  It was so good and I love this tradition!