Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve and Day

 We arrived in College Station on Christmas Eve around 3 pm.  Bryce went to the store and Tyler talked me into running with him.  Parker was excited to sit next to Tyler on the mailbox and Clayton wanted to run a lap around the block.  After they ran, we went inside and started making some of our snacks for Christmas Eve.
 Mom made Chili for dinner and it was really good.  Afterwards, we took the kids on a drive over to see some lights and Santa Claus.  When we got back to the house we reenacted the Birth of Christ. We sang some Christmas songs and then ate some yummy ice-cream.

 On Christmas morning, Clayton was the first one up around 7:30.  We told him he had to wait another hour before we would wake everyone up.  Finally, we all crawled out of bed and went downstairs to see what Santa had brought us.  Clayton was excited because he received a spirograph and some sports balls.  He also got a flashlight, some pastel chalk, and some walkie talkies.  His big gift from Santa was a Flowrider 360 that was back in Smithfield under the Christmas tree!

Cooper's big gift was a new phone and all the accessories that go with it.  We also got them a control throttle for their new four wheeler.  We bought Grandma Doulgas' yellow four wheeler for the boys to share.  They were so excited, especially Clayton.
 On Christmas Day in Utah, they received lots and lots of snow and everyone kept posting pictures of the snow and cold weather on social media, so we thought we would post a picture of the men laying out in the 80 degree weather. Clayton and Grandpa had a great time bouncing and passing the basketball to each other after we got home from church.
 Parker was happy with her baby doll named Baby. She loved to feed her with a bottle.  She also got a medical doctor kit, which she played with more than any other gift.  She got a little Barbie and some more Play Doh. She let Clayton open up all her presents.  We went to church later that morning and I enjoyed listening to the music and the bishop told the story about the birth of Christ. It was nice to go refocus on what Christmas is really about!