Friday, December 23, 2016

Time with Shayne and Jen

 Bryce went to lunch at Torchee's with Jarom and his son.  They had a great time catching up on life and enjoyed getting to see each other.  When Bryce got back, we headed down to Shayne's to spend the evening there.  The kids had so much fun playing catch on the trampoline.  They played some game where they had to catch the ball while jumping and they all enjoyed playing with each other.
 Later that night, Shayne set up a movie screen, pillows and blankets so the kids could enjoy the movie, Elf.  They watched pieces of it, but mostly played the catching game again.  I was happy to see Cooper participate in something active, but he loved it.  It was so cool to watch the cousins spend time with each other and to work on building their friendships.  They really don't know each other very well, but they all got along and had fun being together.
 The next morning, which was Christmas Eve, the girls played outside in the backyard on the toys. Perri took Parker for a ride on her car and they had fun running around in the yard.  I played a little basketball with Nolan and he beat me in Around the World.

 We took that kids over to a park where they played on the playground and loved the swings.  The weather was so warm that we were all sweating just standing there.  We took a little hike in the trees down to see that beautiful brown Brazos River.  It is a huge river, but it is not pretty at all.  Kind of cool to see though!

 The hill is one of Shayne's favorite places to take his kids.  They run up and down this hill and it's one of the highest points in Sienna Plantation.  All the kids raced up the hill and then we snapped some cool pictures. Clayton and Nolan had a great time together.  They are both shy so I don't know how much communicating they did, but they still enjoyed each other's company and compettiveness