Monday, December 19, 2016

Wings N' More and off to Sean and Kellye's

 Parker had so much fun playing at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  They have lots of fun toys and Parker was in heaven.  She just disappeared upstairs and played her little heart out.  She loved wearing the tiara she found in the closet.
 We had to eat lunch at my most favorite restaurant in College Station on Monday for lunch.  Those wings have been calling my name for months now and I finally got to devour them. I just love eating at Wing's N More.  They have the best wings and chicken tenders and Cooper enjoyed the Dr. Pepper.

 We had to take a picture of our dirty van that survived the ice, snow, rain and sunshine as we made our way South to Texas.  It was a mess, but it kept us safe and warm and comfortable.  Now, I'm pretty happy at this point because A. I'm home. B. I'm in Texas. C.  We arrived safely D. We were with family and E. We just finished some Medium wings and curly fries!!!
 After lunch we headed down to stay a couple of nights and Sean and Kellye's house.  Kellye just brought their cute Lawson home from the NICU a couple of weeks before and it was nice to snuggle with a newborn and get to know him a little better.  The kids loved playing with each other.  They all got along so well.  Maya loved sitting by Cooper and watching him play his tablet.  We ate Whataburger, Shipley's Donuts in the morning and did a little Christmas shopping.  The kids were able to go out and play a little basketball. WE mostly just relaxed and enjoyed the peaceful time with Sean and Kellye.

 Parker doesn't have many girl toys items at our house, so she was happy to play with all of Maya toys.  She found her rain boots and bouncy ball right away.  She also played with all of Maya's little Shopkins.  She mostly played by herself but she didn't mind that at all.  I didn't get any pictures of Crew but I enjoyed getting to know him better.  I think he is such a little sweetheart and he seems so mellow and easy going.  We really enjoyed our time with Sean and Kellye. We didn't get to see them much and this really made me sad, but we love them so much and are so thankful for their love for us.