Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This year for Halloween, Alpine had a small little party at the shop. They decorated the shop with "spider webs", pumpkins, and other spooky items.  They served yummy dips and Halloween treats.  The kids went from one room to the next, "trick o treating."  They filled their buckets and bags before we even went out to do real trick o treating.
After the Alpine party, we had a Roy 26th Ward dinner and parade.  The Primary Presidency served up hotdogs and everyone else brought chips and relish trays.  We ended up having a huge turnout and there was enough food for everyone.  As soon as dinner was over, the parents lined the yards and the kids walked down the sidewalk from person to person getting candy dropped into their bags.  Clayton thought this was great!
We took the boys trick o treating down a few streets after the parade.  Clayton tried to keep up with Cooper and Jaxson.  Cooper didn't care about the candy, he just enjoyed running from house to house.  They all had a good time and got plenty of candy and chocolate to share with mom and dad!

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